Cheops Bespoke Development

Cheops Construction Management Software is designed specifically to meet the construction industry’s current and evolving needs, however we understand that a business may have some unique requirements and challenges.

To support our clients’ individual needs, CSSP has a team of Business Analysts and Programmers who work with customers, evaluate their needs and define solutions that fit.

We pride ourselves on open dialogue with our clients when it comes to software development. As users, you are on the front line and out in the field, so we want to hear your suggestions and incorporate popular requests into our software.

In addition, our packages are highly customisable, so if your request is truly unique to your business, we can help develop a customised solution.

Pricing is always competitive and is influenced by whether a proposed change is of benefit to all customers or is highly specific to a business’ need.

For more information, contact CSSP.