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Australia's #1 ERP Construction Management Software

THE all-in-one solution for job costing, contract management and financial accounting. Elevate your projects with powerful and flexible end-to-end construction management software, for businesses and projects large and small.

Elevate Your Construction Projects

Discover the power of Cheops ERP Construction Management Software, developed specifically for the unique needs of the Australian and New Zealand construction sectors. Safeguard and maximise your construction projects with Cheops’ scalable and integrated features, offering unparalleled flexibility for lasting success and ongoing growth.

Cheops Project Financial Management Dashboard

Project Financial Management

Take control of your construction project and stay on top of your financial position, risks and opportunities, utilising real time project data.

Project Document Management

Manage your construction project documentation in one easy-to-use space with a solution that is user-friendly for your project team and transparent to management.

Field & Site Management

Efficiently run, measure, and report on field and site management jobs, on-site or remotely. Deliver successful projects, on time, every time, from anywhere.


Easily and efficiently meet your construction project’s statutory and reporting requirements, and enjoy full integration with our Project Financial modules.


 Get real-time insights into your financial position at a business and project level. Identify issues, risks and opportunities, all displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard.


Cheops Construction Management Software is a scalable platform


Cheops is the ultimate scalable platform, designed to accommodate construction companies of all sizes, scopes, and locations, adapting seamlessly to your evolving business needs.

With its unparalleled flexibility and customisation options, Cheops empowers you to effortlessly expand from a single user to a thriving network of hundreds, ensuring your system evolves with your business growth.


Our Cheops Customer Service team is based in Adelaide, Australia, meaning that you will receive real-time, local support every time you need it.

We deliver world class telephone, email and web-based Cheops software support. Our friendly staff are highly skilled client support specialists who are actively involved in training and problem solving.

Cheops Support Team based in Adelaide Australia
Image of worker utilising Cheops API capacity


We work with many 3rd party software vendors to create integrations that enhance our clients’ construction management tools. Our team is happy to help Cheops clients investigate any API integrations that they wish to explore. 

Take a look

See the simplicity and ease of the Cheops interface, with industry-relevant workflows and terminology and a user-friendly design.

We Work With The Best

“It’s got to be one of the best job costing systems that I’ve seen. Cheops is a great construction management tool to help our team run their projects, because we can go through every single cost attributed to the job, and you can see everything straight away.”

Sue Souvleris
Dynamic Project Management & Prestige Joinery

“Cheops is really our source of truth for financial information and that’s the way we want it because we don’t really want to depend on manual workpapers outside of the Cheops system.”

Zaheer Goolam
Patterson Building Group

“Our business has been using Cheops for approximately 4 years, and Cheops ISR for about 2 of the 4 years. Not only was Cheops ISR an environmentally friendly decision, it streamlined our invoicing process almost immediately since implementation and we have never looked back.

Cheops helpdesk staff are friendly, supportive and always happy to tackle any issue no matter how big or small. The system is easy to navigate and 9/10 there is an existing report that can be generated which will suit your reporting needs. If not, the team can assist you with customising any report.”

Cheops Client
South Melbourne

“Cheops plays a critical role in ensuring we maintain robust financial control over our projects. Cheops allows us to keep really tight control over the subcontracts that are out in play at any point in time: Who have we engaged, what commitments have we agreed with them, and how they are tracking against those commitments. “

Owen Hicks
CFO, First Principles Constructors

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