Cheops Features

Cheops Construction Management Software covers the whole construction contract management process, with the standard modules including:

Project Budget

  • Flexible cost coding structure
  • Unlimited user defined resource categories (e.g. materials, labour, sub-contract etc)
  • Budgets can be entered as lump sum amounts against a resource category or individual resources, or transferred from an estimating system


  • Order amount updates
  • Committed costs
  • Purchase order printing to user-defined layout
  • Order value checked against remaining budget
  • Option to track deliveries against orders
  • Integration with job costing and accounts payable


  • Lump sum and/or schedule of rates/bills of Quantities contracts
  • Retention and/or bank guarantee details
  • Progress payments can be entered by amount, percentage or quantity and allows processing both claimed and approved values, net or gross
  • Fully integrated with variations module
  • Produces adjustment advice notices, application advice notices and authenticated tax receipts
  • Integrated with job costing and accounts payable


  • User-defined variation types and categories
  • Budgets and actuals can be separately maintained for each variation or spread over original cost codes
  • Sub-contract component linked to Sub-Contracts Module maintaining the adjusted contract sum for each sub-contract
  • Integrated with head contract progress claims/interim applications

Labour Costing

  • Detailed labour costing by time sheets, journals or direct interface with Payroll Module
  • Labour costs including hours by staff and/or cost code
  • Multiple hourly rates – per staff, per project if required

Job Costing

  • Online updating of budget, committed, incurred and actual costs by cost code
  • Forecasting by:
    • Costs to complete
    • Estimated final cost
    • Earned value (percentage, quantity or amount)
  • Standard and user-defined reports

Accounts Payable

  • Invoices matched against purchase orders and/or delivery dockets
  • Separate discount and payment terms per creditor
  • Computer printed cheques and remittances
  • Direct debit (EFT) payments
  • Manual cheques
  • Integrated with job costing and general/nominal ledger

Accounts Receivable / Progress Claims / Interim Applications

  • Detailed progress claim schedules based on either:
    • Cost codes
    • Bill of Quantities
    • User-defined schedule – (e.g. milestones)
  • Claim details by percentage, amounts or quantities
  • Facility for claiming contract variations and/or materials on/off site
  • Automatic adjustment once payment certificate details are recorded
  • Sundry invoices for non-claim invoices
  • Retention and/or bank guarantee details
  • Integrated with general/nominal ledger

Statutory Taxation

  • Country specific WHT, CIS etc including statutory reporting, reconciliation and validation of deductions
  • Country specific consumption tax facilities (GST, VAT etc) including statutory reporting, reconciliation and validation of amounts
  • Changes in statutory values (e.g. percentage rate charge) can be entered by the customer

General / Nominal Ledger

  • Flexible chart of account structure
  • Consolidation of multiple Divisions and/or Companies if required
  • Bank reconciliation
  • All periods in current and next year open if required
  • General journals, standing journals and cost allocation facilities
  • Audit trails and security
  • Report writer
  • Fully integrated with all modules

Plant Module – Optional

  • Module for tracking plant running expenses and plant profitability
  • Service and maintenance history register and report
  • Service due report
  • Integrated with asset register

Asset Register – Optional

  • Unique identification of assets
  • Book and tax depreciation calculations
  • Disposal and movement of assets
  • Integrated with job costing and general/nominal ledger

Payroll – Optional

  • Salary and wages – employees
  • Full pay history
  • User defined additions/deductions
  • Direct Debit (EFT) payments
  • Integrated with job costing and general/nominal ledger

Dayworks- Optional

  • Automatically generates invoices to clients based on costs· incurred through labour, materials and journals
  • Ability to enter percentage markups at specified rates for resource categories
  • Ability to enter built-up hourly labour charges
  • Can be linked to payroll or timesheet module

Stock Module – Optional

  • Stock procurement
  • Stock issues using FIFO
  • Stocktaking and stock reservations
  • Direct sales including invoice printing and stock adjustments

Project Report – Optional

  • Enhanced project and project costing reporting
  • Multiple templates to cater for specific management, project or client requirements
  • User-defined presentation quality output
  • Extremely flexible and configurable

Document Management – Optional

  • A comprehensive facility for tracking the creation, distribution and modification of documents
  • Central register of documents and amendments
  • Document distribution management
  • Customised standard forms and registers
  • Audit trails


  • One step exporting to EXCEL, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF or TXT
  • Preview on screen or send direct to printer
  • Configurable header information and data appearance
  • Company logos set per Company or per project
  • Configurable heading level colours

Electronic Trading

  • All reports may be exported and emailed including:
    • Purchase orders
    • Payment advice notices
    • EFT payments
  • Email sent if purchase order limit exceeded
  • Electronic cross referencing to source data (e.g. Original Creditor’s Invoice)

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