Company History

CSSP was founded in 1983 as a privately owned Australian company. On March 31 2011, JDM Technology Group (JDM) purchased CSSP, marking their eleventh acquisition since 2004 and reinforcing their ongoing commitment to growth and stability.

JDM was founded in Vancouver, Canada, with a focus on software development for the commercial and civil construction markets in which it has been operating since 1984.

JDM Technology Group is a leading provider of software solutions for the construction industry worldwide, offering a broad range of solutions for small, mid-sized and large enterprises.

The staff of CSSP have over 250 man-years experience in construction industry software development and systems integration projects, and this is enhanced by the experience of, and collaboration with, the other companies in the JDM Group.

CSSP remains dedicated to contributing to its customers’ long-term success. By combining our existing technologies with additional products, CSSP has an ongoing commitment to developing world class products in strategic markets, for local and overseas clients.